B.S. Degree Information

B.S. Degree Information

Bachelor of Science in Psychology


The bachelor of science in psychology degree program will prepare you for future careers in clinical, cognitive, developmental, health, industrial/organizational or social psychology.  There are two different options to choose from for students interested in the bachelor of science degree program -- science and business.

Recommended Academic Plan

This document gives a semester-by-semester schedule for your course work.  Print and review the recommended academic plan in order to make sure you are on track.  
B.S. Psychology recommended academic plan  >>

Program Requirements

The program requirements for the B.S. in Psychology are available on the University Bulletin.  
B.S. Psychology degree program requirements  >>

Course Descriptions

Review PSYCH course descriptions, the University's course numbering system, and course designations on the University Bulletin website. 
PSYCH course descriptions >>