SHRM Essentials of Human Resources

SHRM, the leading global HR professional organization, has developed the SHRM Essentials of HR Management course which provides an introductory overview of the human resource function.  Whether you are new to HR or if HR is one of many roles you fulfill at your company, the program, offered in partnership with SHRM, through Penn State Berks, Penn State Harrisburg, and Penn State York, covers the key HR topics you need to know.

Who should take this course?

  • New or junior HR practitioners who need to increase their knowledge base
  •  Small business owners or office managers who perform the HR function for their company
  • Business managers who want to learn basic HR best practices to avoid costly litigation
  • New or experienced managers interested in learning more about employee management skills
  • Representative selling or supporting HR systems and services
  • International HR personnel wishing to increase their knowledge of US HR practices
  • Job seekers who are investigating HR as a new career option or want to learn HR as a skill for the future

Essentials of HR Management Course Content and Materials

The Participant's Reference Book includes the printed content of the course.  It addresses six key human resource management practices compiled into one comprehensive course book for easy reference.

1.  Human Resource Management -- Gain a clear understanding of the HR function.

2.  Employment Law -- Enhance your ability to apply key HR legislation.

3.  Recruitment and Selection -- Develop important skills for selecting employees.

4.  Compensation and Benefits -- Learn the key elements of a total compensation system.

5.  Employee Development -- Obtain an understanding of orientation, development, and training.

6.  Performance Management -- Discover the purpose and process for performance evaluation.

Our condensed, structured format and live instruction will keep you on track, providing real-world insights into HR while learning content. This course also allows you to network with other HR professionals.  Finally, an online component offers web-based materials to reinforce classroom discussion.

Registration Information

Spring 2018

This class will be video broadcast between the Penn State Berks and Penn State Commonwealth campuses; student selects the site they wish to attend.  The locations closest to Pittsburgh are Penn State New Kensington and Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry

Dates: Thursdays, April 5--May 3, 2018

Time: 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Tuition: $600 and includes the required textbook and materials.

Location: Choose the location that is most convenient to you: Penn State Berks, Penn State York, Penn State New Kensington, Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry

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Check with your employer to determine if you are eligible for employer tuition reimbursement.

Questions?  Please contact Patricia Hollinger at [email protected]

Registration questions? Please contact Beth Nury at [email protected].