Student Life

Student Life

The Student Life Office partners with students, faculty and staff to support social, cultural, recreation and educational co-curricular experiences for our campus community.  New Kensington is alive with student organizations, athletics, internships possibilities and more.  We are a community that joins together to do great things both inside and outside the classroom. 

Why is student life important? Being involved outside of the classroom is valuable for many reasons.

  • Get connected! Students that make connections to other students, faculty, staff, a cause, a club, etc. are more likely to graduate!
  • It’s fun! While a student’s first priority is their academic work we recognize that a large party of the educational process happens outside of the classroom.  Finding positive outlets for students to unwind and relieve stress are important.  Take time to enjoy the social side of campus life, that’s where our Campus Activities Board programming comes in.
  • Learn skills that will be valuable throughout your lifetime…such as communication skills, problem solving skills, leadership development, teamwork, appreciation for differences and more.  Your engagement in these activities will benefit not only your professional future but your personal one as well.
  • Career based connections, people related skills, networking opportunities, and great resume enhancers.  When the time comes to leave the university, programs offered out of the classrooms will help you be successful in your chosen field. 


What types of experiences are offered?  We know there is more to your education and college experience than classroom learning.  We offer a variety of experiences for you to get involved in.

  • Student Activities – our Campus Activities Board and Student Life Office provide an array of activities including comedians, dances, cultural programs, speakers, luncheons, movies, and more.
  • Community Service – there are lots of opportunities to get involved in the local community and beyond including MLK Day of Service, bi-annual Alternative Spring Break Trips, or reference our extensive list of community agencies you can get involved with.
  • Leadership Development – Orientation Leader, Student Government Association, Leaders Conferences, and specific leadership trainings throughout the year all provide opportunities for students to learn and grow as successful leaders.
  • Clubs and Organizations – We have a variety of clubs and organizations that students are able to participate in, become a leader of, or students are welcome to start a new club to fit their interests and learning goals. 
  • Cultural, Performing Arts, and Lecture Series – With a slew of programs happening weekdays, evenings and weekends, we offer something for everyone.  Check our campus calendar for a full list of student events and activities.