The Anxiety Project

William Doan - Penn State Laureate for the 2019–20 academic year, professor of theatre in the College of Arts and Architecture, and artist-in-residence in the College of Nursing - explains "The Anxiety Project." Doan will bring his work to Penn State New Kensington on March 17. 

William Doan, Laureate

William Doan, the 2019-2020 Penn State Laureate, presents "The Anxiety Project," an exploration of mental health through drawings, publications and a live performance. Doan will visit Penn State New Kensington with his work on March 17. 

Andrew Belser visits Penn State New Kensington

Andrew Belser, the 2017-2018 Penn State Laureate, visited Penn State New Kensington Feb. 20-23 for a lecture and showing of his "FaceAge" exhibit.  Belser held a public lecture in the campus' Forum Theatre about "FaceAge," which is a video exhibit focused on showing intergenerational conversations about aging.  

Penn State Laureate to bring ‘Dignity Tour’ to New Kensington campus

Penn State Laureate Susan Russell, associate professor of theater at the University Park campus, brings her "Dignity Tour" to Penn State New Kensington at noon Wednesday, Nov. 19, in the Forum Theatre. Russell’s talk, “Dignity: Changing Obstacles Into Opportunities,” will focus on who we can be in the 21st century and how we can get there together.

Penn State Laureate bares his 'Rubber Soul'

It wasn’t Abbey Road in London but Seventh Street Road in Upper Burrell that served as the venue for Penn State Laureate Kenneth Womack’s Beatlemania campus tour. The yearlong traveling presentation made a stop Jan. 29 in the Forum Theatre at Penn State New Kensington. Womack’s talk, “The End: Authorship, Nostalgia and the Beatles,” focused on the groups’ musical and lyrical development from their early years through their breakup in 1969. To the delight of students, faculty, staff and alumni in the audience, he also delved into the esoteric aspects of the bands’ history, such as the original ambitions of Lennon and McCartney to become Broadway musical composers.

New Kensington Celebration 4

Jack Sennett, a member of the first graduating class at the campus in 1960, gives gala guests a "Overview" of life at the New Kensington Center, as the campus was originally known when it began on Fourth Avenue in the city of New Kensington. Sennett was also a member of the campus' first basketball team in 1958, the year the campus was founded.

New Kensington Celebration 5

John Spadaro, president of the Alle-Kiski Society, is seen with Joe Kotelnicki, right, and society members Tim Oberlin and Laura Kelly. The Alle-Kiski Society was one of the major corporate sponsors of the 50th gala.

New Kensington Celebration 1

Cellist Kim Cook, accompanied by pianist Svetlana Rodionova, makes her Penn State Laureate debut at the New Kensington campus. She is a world-renown cellist who has performed in Europe and Asia. She was named the inaugural Penn State Laureate in April by President Spanier.