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Continuing Education plans upcoming professional development trainings

New Kensington's Office of Continuing Education plans upcoming professional development courses.
Office for General Education Seed Grant Logo

Office for General Education announces Integrative Studies Seed Grant awards

The Integrative Studies Seed Grant Program, offered through the Penn State Office for General Education, will support 71 different course development projects this summer. In response to the large volume of highly qualified proposals, the budget was generously increased by more than 50 percent by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Undergraduate Education.
Campus guest speaker

PSNK guest speaker

Dr. Elizabeth Miller will give a talk, “Rethinking Dating and Sexual Violence Prevention: Exploring the Roles of Sexuality, Trauma, and Gender,” on Feb. 16 at Penn State New Kensington. 

Rad Sci classroom

New Kensington plans radiology, biomedical open house for prospective students

Prospective students can explore opportunities in the field of radiology and biomedical technology from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Oct. 27 during Penn State New Kensington's open house in the campus Conference Center. Sponsored by the radiological sciences and biomedical engineering technology programs, the joint open house is geared to high school seniors and juniors, and adult learners.
Student project

New Kensington's communications students lend an ear to K-12 students

Penn State New Kensington students recorded the thoughts and opinions of elementary and secondary students as a part of the nationwide Hear Me project.
George Washington advertising

Andrew Schocket to talk politics and American Revolution at New Kensington

How everyone from advertisers to politicians use, represent and abuse the American Revolution is the topic of a presentation at 7 p.m. April 5 at Penn State New Kensington. Author and scholar Andrew M. Schocket will talk about “Muscle Cars, Lattés, and Rooftop Grilling: How We Sell the Founders, and Why It Matters.” The event is free to the public.
Founding Father selling car

PSNK guest speaker

George Washington with a Dodge Challenger during the American Revolution. Andrew Schocket will give a talk April 5 at Penn State New Kensington about using the Founding Fathers as pitchmen.