Study Abroad


Penn State Behrend graduate Olivia Dubin could not attend the college's May 3 commencement ceremony because she is completing an internship in Germany. Dubin, who earned a degree in plastics engineering technology, used one of the college's robots to participate in the program remotely.

Ashley and Dewey Traini in Italy

Ashley and Dewey Traini stand in front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy during a Penn State New Kensington spring break trip in 2006. Dewey, who met Ashley at the campus in 2003, would also propose to her during that same trip.

Penn State delegation fostering partnerships abroad

A delegation from three Pittsburgh-area Penn State campuses — including Beaver, Greater Allegheny and New Kensington — will visit two universities in Europe this summer to foster global partnerships and expand the Experiential Digital Global Engagement, or EDGE, program.

Penn State Beaver, GA, NK delegation in Europe

A delegation from Penn State's western campuses stopped at the Catholic University in Lille, France. Pictured here, left to right, are: Céline Blondeau, vice dean of management, economics, and sciences at Catho Lille; Bernice Cerasaro, assistant teaching professor in business at Penn State Greater Allegheny; Yang Xu, associate professor of business at Penn State New Kensington; Dan Smith, assistant teaching professor of business at Penn State Beaver; and Véronique Flambard, rising vice dean at Catho, Lille.

New Kensington community service arm reaches mangroves of Puerto Rico

After spending Martin Luther King Jr. Day 60 miles from campus volunteering at nonprofit organizations in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Penn State New Kensington students are extending their sphere of influence and spending spring break week 1,700 miles from campus performing community service projects in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Small campus, big world

About three quarters of Penn State Beaver students are from the area and commute to campus. Weeklong study abroad trips are a way to encourage travel, challenge world views and broaden perspectives while minimizing time and cost.