GREAT Program students and staff wear bright yellow vests and white hard hats while visiting a Massaro construction site

Spotlight on the GREAT Program

This unique program, available exclusively at Penn State New Kensington, prepares engineering and IST students for the workforce with specialized out of class activities and workshops.
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Inmates in Indiana stand in a common room to listen to a speaker.

Students forge a path for restorative justice

Five students from Penn State Beaver, Shenango and New Kensington are helping to implement Bridges to Life, a restorative justice program, in Beaver County. As the inaugural cohort of Beaver County-based facilitators, the students will not only go into the Beaver County Jail to work with inmates, but they will also be responsible for training future volunteers of the Bridges program and extending the reach of restorative justice.
Pittsburgh Samba Group

'Holidays Around the World' at New Kensington

Penn State New Kensington students dance with the Pittsburgh Samba Group at the campus' recent "Holidays Around the World" celebration.
PSNK theatre stage

New Kensington’s renovated theatre review: 'Bravo, Bravissimo'

With the opening of the fall stage production of “Footloose: The Musical,” on Nov. 4, Penn State New Kensington unveiled its new hybrid stage in the Forum Theatre. While the original thrust stage brought the scene into the audience, the new proscenium stage defines the scene.
THON event

Holiday Basket Bingo Dec 8 continues New Kensington's THON efforts

Get ready to be “on” and needing a “crutch and a duck” to secure the blackout game as Penn State New Kensington students are stepping up their THON fundraising activities with the third annual Basket Bingo Bash at 6 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 8, in the Conference Center of the campus.
Rube Goldberg Challenge

Rube Goldberg resonates with participants at New Kensington campus

Performing a facile task in the most convoluted way with a labyrinthine machine was the quest of middle school students on Nov. 22 for a Rube Goldberg competition at Penn State New Kensington.