Dr. K. Robert Bridges

Dr. K. Robert Bridges

Dr. K.R. Bridges

Dr. K.R. Bridges, Professor of Psychology

Image: Penn State

Professor of Psychology
Phone: 724-334-6740
E-mail: krb3@psu.edu  

Bridges, K. Robert, Ph.D - University of Pittsburgh, 1980


Recipient of the 2005 Milton S. Eisenhower Award for Distinguished Teaching

Dr. Bridges is interested in socialization during late adolescence. His research has included work on attitudes measurement (regarding parent training), neuropsychological vulnerability to alcoholism, the cultivation effects of television viewing, the effect of attributional style on academic performance, procrastination and irrational thinking, and the effect of thinking style on hypnotizability. He is currently investigating cross-cultural influences on self-report measures of fear, assertiveness, and anxiety sensitivity.


Selected Publications:

Arrindell, W.A., and Bridges, K.R. (submitted), Assessing difficulty and distress in assertiveness with Scale for Interpersonal Behavior (SIB): Construct validity and discriminatory power.  Personality and Individual Differences.

Harnish, R.J., and Bridges, K.R. (submitted).  Using top-down and bottom-up processes for solving problems in communities: The role of strategic planning and exit-voice strategies.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology

Arrindell, W. A., Akkerman, A., van der Ende, J., and Bridges, K. R. (2005).  Normative studies with the Scale for Interpersonal Behavior III.  Psychiatric inpatients.  Personality and Individual Differences, 38, 941-952

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Metzger, M., and Bridges, K. R. (2004).  Spectacles, distinctiveness, and face recognition:  A web-based experiment.  Cyberpsychology and Behavior, 7, 113-117

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