Peer & Professional Tutors

Peer & Professional Tutors

Tutoring Services - ALL TUTORING IS FREE!

We provide tutoring in two formats: by drop-in and by appointment.  We primarily tutor one-to-one, but groups are also welcome to work with us.

How Drop-in Tutoring Works

  1. See tutor list below for hours, location, and subject matter.  Note: tutors offer hours in both the Success Center and Bissell Library.
  2. Come during a tutor's drop-in hours and sign up for a 30 minute time slot.  You can sign up for back-to-back time slots during slower periods.
  3. Bring your book and other appropriate materials with you.

How Appointment Based Tutoring Works

  1. Choose a professional tutor or a peer tutor from the list below.
  2. Set up an appointment by clicking on the e-mail address and composing an e-mail.
  3. Contact the tutor as early as possible if you need to cancel your session.
  4. Bring your book and other appropriate materials on the day of your appointment.
  5. If a subject is not listed, email Adam Robinson at and he will do his best to find a tutor.

Professional Tutors

Subject Area Name Contact Information
Please contact the professional tutor directly to schedule an appointment.
English / Writing Specialist Adam Robinson

Peer Tutors

Course Name Contact Information

Drop-in Hours

& Location

The following students are available for peer tutoring during the Fall 2017 semester.
Please contact these students directly to set up an appointment.
 ACCTG 211  Bradley Lucas  
 ACCTG 211  Tiffany Holzer  
 Chem 110  Jared Mountain  

 Chem 113 & below

Brandon Luker  
 FIN 301  Tiffany Holzer  
 FR 001 & FR 002  Paulina Iniguez  
 Math 140 & lower Ryan Accettulla  
 Math 140 & lower Matthew Adams  
Math 140 & lower  Brandon Luker  
 MATH 141 & lower  Jared Mountain  
 Math 26 & lower  Joel George  
 MATH 140 & 22  Michael Ott  
 Physics 211  Jared Mountain  
 SPAN 001, 002, & 003  Paulina Iniguez  
 SPAN 001, 002, & 003  Rachel Queck  
 STAT 200 Joel George  
 STAT 200 Tiffany Holzer  
 Writing - Any Project Jon McCabe  
 Writing - Any Project Scott Sinclair  

This will be updated periodically as additional tutors come forward to offer their services.

 Please stop by the Success Center for more information.