Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish, Associate Professor of Psychology

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Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone:  724-334-6735
Email:  rjh27@psu.edu

Harnish, Richard J., Ph.D. - Michigan State University, 1992

Dr. Harnish's research interest focuses on the intersection between attitudes, consumer behavior, the self and affect (or emotion). He is particularly interested in how beliefs impact the products purchased.

Currently, Dr. Harnish is examining individuals' friendship networks exploring the types of people who influence purchases. In addition to this line of research, Dr. Harnish is interested in the misinterpretation of friendliness cues. His past research has examined the effect of clothing, personality styles, and environmental cues which individuals use to interpret another's friendliness.


Selected Publications:

  • Harnish, R. J., & Bridges, K. R. (in press).  Social influence:  The role of self monitoring when making social comparisons.  Psychology & Marketing.
  • Harnish, R. J., & Bridges, K. R. (2004).  University-community partnership:  Teaching applied social psychology to foster engagement in strategic planning.  Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, 10, 107-119.
  • Harnish, R. J., Abbey, A., & DeBono, K. G. (1990). Toward an understanding of the "sex game": The effects of gender and self-monitoring in initial interactions. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 20, 1333-1344.


Dr. Harnish's website:  http://sites.psu.edu/rjh27