Penn State in Pittsburgh

Penn State in Pittsburgh

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Pittsburgh is an amazing city with a lot to offer our students. 

The Penn State in Pittsburgh series gives students opportunities to experience all that Pittsburgh has to offer, specifically in four different areas: Educational, Cultural, Athletics, and Fun. 

Participating students will be in Pittsburgh, see the city, and experience new things.  They will also get to meet Penn State students from other campuses, providing a social experience with other students throughout the Penn State System.

Events for 2017-2018

  • September 22 - Pirates Tailgate & Game
  • November 14 - "The Color Purple"
  • December 7 - PPG Holiday Market & Ice Skating
  • January 30 - "Wicked"
  • April 20 - Behind-the-Scenes Pittsburgh Zoo Trip

Ticket Sales:

Each event has a different cost structure and timeline for ticket sales.  Keep an eye out on this page and on the Student Life Facebook Page ( for more information.

Contact Student Life if you are interested in purchasing tickets or if you are looking for more information.