Campus Directory - Staff

Name Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Andrea Adolph
Director of Academic Affairs, Academic Affairs
Administration, 104 724-334-6031
Nicholas Behm
Intern, Athletics
Athletics Center, 103
Melissa Bernath
Co-Ed Head Cheerleading Coach, Athletics
Athletic Center, 103 724-334-6752
Jeanmarie Boda
Staff Assistant, Student Life
Administration, 004 724-334-6143
Theresa Bonk
Director of Student Affairs, Student Programs & Services
Administration, 112B 724-334-6062
Tina Booth
Administrative Support Assistant, Development
Conference Center, 145 724-334-6056
Megan Bratkovich
Director of Athletics
Athletic Center, 104 724-334-6750
Tracie Brockhoff
Demonstration and Equipment Specialist in Biology and Chemistry, Instructional Services
Science, 007 724-334-6742
Edward Burns
Shuttle Driver, Student Affairs
Administration, 112 724-681-1097
Jason Bush
Director of Business & Finance, Budget & Finance
Administration, 001B 724-334-6022
Joan Cathell
Assistant Bookstore Manager, Bookstore
Student Union, B039 724-334-6170
Dan Cavanaugh
Maintenance Worker, Maintenance & Operations
Student Union, 038 724-334-6122
Candee Christy
Administrative Support Assistant, Chancellor's Office
Science, 139 724-334-6050
Kevin R Churik
IT Generalist, Information Technology Services
Blissell Library & Computer Center, 044G 724-334-6091
Shannon Clark
Maintenance Worker, Maintenance & Operations
Student Union, 038 724-334-6122
Kary Milan
Director of Development & Alumni Relations, Development
Instructor, Communications
Conference Center, 146 724-334-6057
Corinne Coulson
Manager of Strategic Communications and Marketing
Conference Center, 148 724-334-6164
Thomas Crombie
Co-Ed Head Golf Coach, Athletics
Athletic Center, 103 724-334-6752
Susan Dale
Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs
Administration, 104 724-334-6035
Jill Dickun
Admissions Counselor
Administration , 001 724-334-6016