The 2+2 Plan

The 2+2 Plan

The 2+2 Program

Being a part of a large university has a lot of advantages. One is the opportunity to tailor your experience to what suits you best.

At Penn State, students have the opportunity to start their major at one campus and transition to another campus to finish. We call this the "2+2 Plan," and it's the most common path to a Penn State degree. More than 50% of Penn State students choose this path each year, and it's available for the vast majority of our majors. 

Our students choose the 2+2 Plan for a variety of reasons:

  • For some students who live nearby, they want to stay closer to home.
  • Because of tuition differences between campuses, there is an opportunity to save money. 
  • Some students are looking for a particular campus experience that includes things like smaller class sizes or specific athletic opportunities.
  • For many students, the chance to live and learn near the city of Pittsburgh is a big advantage.

Transitioning from one campus to another is a relatively simple process. The only requirement is that you meet the entrance to major requirements for your selected major.  For more information about the 2+2 Plan, contact the campus advisor for the major you are interested in, or contact our Admissions department.

For a full listing of all of Penn State's 160+ degree programs, many of which can be completed via the 2+2 Plan, please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Don't forget! You can complete 15 degree programs here at Penn State New Kensington!

Video: Current 2+2 students talk about the program


In case you hear the fun happening in the background, this video was filmed live at our recent student reunion. All of these 2+2 program students began their education at Penn State New Kensington and then transitioned to the University Park campus to finish their degrees. They talk about their experiences at both campuses and give advice to future 2+2 students.