Request for Presentations from Faculty 

  • Option 1: Research in Your Discipline

    • Are you studying the use of leading-edge technologies in your discipline? Have you seen changes that you believe we should all know about? Share your ideas and work!
  • Option 2:  Leading Edge Tech in Teaching and Learning

    • Are you integrating technology in your teaching and student learning? Are you teaching students about various technologies and the impact those may have on their futures? Share your approaches!  
  • Option 3: Research and Ideation with Other Experts

    • Would you like to hear from business/industry/non-profits or K-12 members about areas they see as connected to yours? What questions do you have? What would you like to discuss? Share your ideas and your needs to see if someone in attendance can assist.
  • Option 4: Human Impact and Ethics

    • How are you considering the impact of leading technologies on the community? How do you prepare students to think about the impacts of these technologies on human conscious citizenship? In which areas do ethical questions arise? Which questions can we ponder with you?