Businesses, Industry, and Non-Profits

Request for Presentations from Businesses, Industry, Non-Profits, and Think Tanks

  • Option 1: Share your leading edge tech use

    • How are you using leading edge technologies in your work? Are you using AI in your manufacturing? How about in your marketing? And your sales team? Help educators see the kinds of skills you’d like your upcoming new hires to be ready to use.

  • Option 2: Tell us what you look for in a new hire

    • We’d love to hear what your hiring professionals want to see in new employees. Are there soft skills that are more valuable to you? Are there technical skills they must have coming in the door? What do you recommend students learn before they come looking for a job?

  • Option 3: Research and Ideation with Other Experts

    • Is there an area of your business, industry or non-profit that would benefit from the expertise of faculty members who are highly skilled in their fields? Share your ideas and your needs.
  • Option 4: Human Impact and Ethics

    • How are you considering the impact of your use of leading technologies on the community? How do you plan to assure that your impact is positive? Are there areas where ethical questions arise? How do you resolve these issues? Which questions can we ponder with you?