Excel Courses

Excel Basic

Dates TBD | Time: TBD | Penn State New Kensington |

Learn how to create and format spreadsheets, enter data, sort data, print and save files, as well as become familiar with numerous Excel functions.

Excel Intermediate

Dates  TBD | Time: TBD   Learn to build upon concepts of Basic Excel with topics such as learning to protect data, naming cells and ranges, using filtering techniques, using “If Statements,” conditional formatting, templates, the macro recorder, tracking changes and working with multi-sheet workbooks.

Excel Advanced

Dates TBD | Time:  TBD | Penn State New Kensington | 

Learn to work with advanced filters, Date/Time functions, auditing, goal seek, pivot tables, VLOOKUP and INDEX functions, basic statistical analysis using the Analysis Toolpack and dialog box controls.

Please call the Continuing Education Department for additional information or to register - 724-334-6011.