Supply Chain Management Certificate

This for-credit Supply Chain Management Certificate program introduces you to key concepts in the field, such as systems analysis, trade-off analysis, transport systems, procurement, inventory management, and supply chain integration and strategy. The program provides an overview of logistics and supply chain management and addresses the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, merchandisers, transportation and warehousing firms and government agencies. The implications of e-commerce in relation to supply chain management are also explored.

Required Courses

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of four courses (12 credits). The credits earned in the certificate program in supply chain management may be used to satisfy some course requirements in the associate degree in business administration, or the baccalaureate degree in business at Penn State.

SCM 301: Supply Chain Management
Supply chain management concepts, principles, and methodologies. (3 credits​)
Prerequisite: ACCTG 211, ECON 102 and SCM 200, or STAT 200, or permission of instructor

SCM 320: Transport Systems
Strategic role of freight transportation systems and services in supply chain networks. (3 credits​)
Prerequisite: SCM 301

SCM 416: Warehousing & Terminal Management
Administration of warehouse and terminal functions in logistics systems, with an analysis of customer service, forecasting, inventory, investment, design, and operation. (3 credits​)
Prerequisite: SCM 301

SCM 460: Purchasing & Materials Management
Purchasing policies, procedures, order specifications and agreements, supplier selection, and the role of purchasing in production planning and inventory management. (3 credits)
PrerequisiteSCM 301

Certificate Program Benefits

Certificate programs provide a flexible, convenient, short-term opportunity for professional development, self enhancement, and earning a formal academic credential from Penn State. Certificate program courses can “step up,” or be applied to, academic degrees at Penn State.

Admission to Certificate Programs

Certificate programs and courses are open to high school graduates and to those who have earned a GED. Prerequisite course requirements apply. No formal application to Penn State is required, but those interested in enrolling must complete a non-degree enrollment form.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement from your employer is accepted with verification of eligibility.

Location and Delivery

Classes are held through instructor-led training via Zoom video conferencing. The next course being offered in the upcoming Fall 2020 semester is SCM 301: Supply Chain Management (3 credits), which covers concepts, principles, and methodologies..

With sufficient enrollment, this certificate program can be delivered on-site at a company location.

For more information or to register, contact Continuing Education at 724-334-6011 or