Student Initiated Fee (SIF) Proposal

Detailed Summary
Briefly describe, in a minimum of 3 to 5 sentences, the event, project, or need for which the SIF funds are being requested. The more detailed description that you give, the easier it will be for the committee to understand your needs.
Please provide a more detailed cost analysis for the entire event, project, or need. All costs must be specific and numerical estimates must be justified. If available, provide the budget from a similar event that happened previously.
Provide a detailed analysis of resources intended to support the event, project, or need. This should be, at a minimum, 5 sentences. Be certain to indicate if the resource is expected or committed at the time of submitting this request. Include a detailed description of how SIF funds are going to be applied. Bear in mind that there are restrictions on the use of SIF Funds as per the guidelines in the SFB Handbook and below in this form.
Upload any additional documentation such as PowerPoint presentations, cost estimates from companies, detailed budgets or any other documents that you would like the committee to consider as a part of your request.
Upload requirements


  1. Appropriations to any partisan political activity, or for the support of the political campaigns of any candidate for political office.
  2. Appropriations to a legislative lobby or to a registered student organization whose primary purpose is to influence legislation.
  3. Grants-in-Aid, scholarships, salaries, or stipends.
  4. Donations or Charitable contributions of money or products.
  5. Fund philanthropic activities whose primary purpose is fundraising.
  6. Retroactive events (events held prior to submitting the request for funding or events where funding has been committed before being notified of approval).
  7. National association memberships on a per person basis. Individual memberships are not permitted; however, group memberships to a national organization are allowed.
  8. Membership dues for fraternities or sororities.
  9. Hiring of legal services or providing bail-bond funds.
  10. Honoraria for Penn State Faculty or staff speaking about his/her area of expertise.
  11. Expenditures, which do not fall explicitly within the AREAS TO BE FUNDED (in the SFB Handbook) unless, approved by the vice president of Student Affairs or his/her designee.
  12. Purchase Prices and awards of any kind.
  13. Any activity or organization that discriminates on the basis of age, ancestry, color, disability, or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual member, or citizen.
  14. Person, non contractual gain of any student faculty member, staff member or citizen.
  15. Purchase of, or reimbursement for the purchase of, alcoholic beverages.
  16. Any activity whose primary purpose is to engage in the willing act of attempting to convert another person to accept the religious beliefs or faith of any individual or groups,. or whose primary purpose is to engage in a religious celebration or ceremony or other worship service, except when such activity is for educational purposes.

All expenditures must be in compliance with University Policies and Rules of Student Organizations.