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Artist reception for Gibbons scheduled for April 11

An artist reception for Bud Gibbons, assistant professor of art at Penn State New Kensington, will be held in the art gallery on April 11, at 7 p.m. Gibbons' exhibit, "Borrowing from the Past," is on display throughout the month of April. Gibbons, a faculty member since 1974, annually exhibits his work for the PSNK and the local communities. A graduate of Penn State and the Maryland Institute for the Arts, Gibbons has painted landscapes in the United States, China, and Peru. A multi-media piece by Gibbons was on display at the Andy Warhol Museum last September.

Non-credit courses at PSNK

The Office of Continuing Education at Penn State New Kensington is sponsoring a series of 36 non-credit courses, titled Public Offerings, this spring. Non-credit courses include professional development seminars and workshops, conferences, certificate programs, and short courses. The courses do not carry college credit and are often part of a certificate program or are designed to meet the needs of specific skill development. The cost of each course varies. For more information, call Pat Hollinger at 724-334-6053 or Nancy Miller at 724-334-6014.

PSNK Newswire archived on Penn State Live

Looking for back issues of the Penn State New Kensington newswire? Then visit Penn State Live, the news organization of Penn State that provides daily news about the University. Under the auspices of the Public Information Office, the news service is a clearinghouse for all 23campus newswires. With a subscription base of more than 170,000 alumni and friends, the campus newswires are distributed at various times--daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and reach almost a million e-mail boxes each month. Penn State New Kensington's newswire subscription base is close to 800 students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and friends and its four monthly issues reach more than 30,000 e-mail boxes each month.

Coating approach clears up fingerprints

CSI notwithstanding, forensics experts cannot always retrieve fingerprints from objects, but a conformal coating process developed by Penn State professors can reveal hard-to-develop fingerprints on nonporous surfaces without altering the chemistry of the print. "As prints dry or age, the common techniques used to develop latent fingerprints, such as dusting or cyanoacrylate -- SuperGlue -- fuming often fail," said Robert Shaler, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology and director of Penn State's forensic sciences program.

Continuing Education offers courses on project management, internet

Professionals needing career development, senior citizens wanting to get online, or adults looking for leisure-time activities can hone their skills during the fall 2012 semester at Penn State New Kensington. The Continuing Education Office sponsors a series of noncredit courses throughout October and November that includes courses on project management, internet safety, social networking, and Word software. The courses feature certificate programs, seminars and workshops, and short courses. The courses do not carry college credit and are often part of a certificate program or are designed to meet the needs of specific skill development. Although a majority of the classes are held at the New Kensington campus in Upper Burrell, some classes may be taken at the Regional Learning Alliance in Cranberry, Pa. The alliance is a cooperative venture that offers education and training programs in the greater Pittsburgh region.

New Kensington Celebration 4

Jack Sennett, a member of the first graduating class at the campus in 1960, gives gala guests a "Overview" of life at the New Kensington Center, as the campus was originally known when it began on Fourth Avenue in the city of New Kensington. Sennett was also a member of the campus' first basketball team in 1958, the year the campus was founded.

New Kensington Celebration 1

Cellist Kim Cook, accompanied by pianist Svetlana Rodionova, makes her Penn State Laureate debut at the New Kensington campus. She is a world-renown cellist who has performed in Europe and Asia. She was named the inaugural Penn State Laureate in April by President Spanier.

New Kensington Celebration 5

John Spadaro, president of the Alle-Kiski Society, is seen with Joe Kotelnicki, right, and society members Tim Oberlin and Laura Kelly. The Alle-Kiski Society was one of the major corporate sponsors of the 50th gala.