Richard Herko

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Assistant Professor, Business Management
Administration, 114

My research revolves around the area of corporate governance.  Organizational performance is driven by leaders making decisions.  I hope to further the understanding of those decisions; the processes by which they are planned and enacted; and the forces that shape both the decisions and decision-makers.

Recent Publications

Herko, RT., Bleuel, WH. And Smith R.  2020.  Intraorganizational Mentoring Revisited, with William H. Bleuel and Raymond Smith, American Journal of Management, 20:2.  {Acceptance rate under 20%}

Herko, RT.  2019.  Pfadt Race Engineering, Supply Chain Issues Impact the Value Chain, Journal of Case Research and Inquiry, Vol 5, 113-121.  {Acceptance rate 20-25%}

Herko, RT.  2018.  Going Beyond What’s Expected: Cognitively-Diverse Boards of Directors and Their Impact on Firm Sustainability Initiatives, Journal of Strategic Innovation and Sustainability, 13:4, 93-113.  {Acceptance rate 13-22%}

Herko, RT., Fountaine, H. D. and Kats, L.  2018.  Water Rights in California: Competition and Cooperation in a Dynamic Environment, with Lee Kats and Drew Fountaine, Johns Hopkins University Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series, Social Innovation and Sustainability, Chapter 6.                  

Herko, RT. and Hanna, T.  2017.  Trust, Relationships and Project Outcomes: The impact of trust on the success of construction projects, Journal of Business Inquiry, 17:2, 86-96. {Acceptance rate 11-15%, impact factor 2.734}

PhD, Strategic Management, University of Pittsburgh

MS, Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh

BS, Economics, The Pennsylvania State University