All Penn State students are expected to abide by local, state, and federal laws and University policies and rules governing conduct of individuals and student organizations. A booklet, Policies and Rules For Students, is published annually electronically and contains the University Code of Conduct, disciplinary procedures, and other policies relating to student activities.  The Student Guide to General University Policies and Rules (.doc) will provide further information regarding Penn State's Policy Statements.

Statement Concerning the Release of Information from Student Records and Sexual Harassment. Refer to the Student Guide to General University Policies and Rules above for the complete text of the University’s policy on confidentiality of student records. This publication also contains the statement of policy concerning sexual harassment.

Conduct of Students

The administration and faculty of Penn State New Kensington are proud of the fact that throughout the campus' long history, the conduct and deportment of the student body have always been outstanding. This is a record students are expected to maintain and improve. Whenever a student, group of students, society, fraternity, or other student organization fails to observe either the general standards of authorities or conducts himself, herself or itself in such a manner as to make it apparent that he, she, or it shall be liable to disciplinary action by the appropriate University authorities.

The Office of Student Conduct serves as a valuable resource for the University community by promoting a safe living and learning environment.  Penn State identifies unacceptable student behavior in a document called the Code of Conduct.  Students should familiarize themselves with the expectations of the Code of Conduct and allow it to serve as a guide through daily decision-making processes in and out of the classroom.  if you know what is considered acceptable behavior, then you are taking the first step in making that a way of life.  The judicial process begins when students don't uphold or ascribe to the ideals of the Code of Conduct.

We at Penn State New Kensington fully embrace the Penn State Principles and provide additional information and resources of the campus community to as they integrate these ideals into their everyday lives.


Smoking of any materials by University members, including students, faculty, staff, and visitors is prohibited within 30 feet from any entrance to the building.  A designated smoking shack is located in the rear of campus between the Conference Center and IST buildings.

Alcoholic Beverages

Possession or use of alcoholic beverages on University property or at University-sponsored activities is prohibited for all students, including those who are over twenty-one years of age. Students under the influence of alcohol are not permitted on campus.

Weapons, Fireworks and Paintball Devices

The possession, carrying, or use of any weapon, ammunition, or explosive by any person is prohibited on all University property except by authorized law enforcement officers and other persons specifically authorized by the University. No person shall possess, carry, or use any fireworks on University property, except for those persons authorized by University and local governments to discharge such fireworks as part of a public display. Paintball guns and paintball markers may only be used on the property of the University in connection with authorized University activities and only at approved locations. Any University student or employee who violates these prohibitions shall be subject to discipline in accordance with regular University procedures, which may include suspension or dismissal from the University. Visitors to the University will be subject to appropriate trespass actions for failure to comply with these regulations. Further, if possession or use of a weapon, fireworks or paintball device is in violation of the law, it will be referred to University Police or other proper law enforcement authorities.


Every Penn State student should be covered with some type of insurance. Coverage can be handled in one of three ways:

  • A student can be insured under his/her parents' policy.
  • A student can carry their own policy of accidents and sickness plan.
  • Penn State offers a Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan. The eligibility requirement for undergraduate students is only 3 credit units and attending classes for the first 31 days. Additional information on the current policy is available online through United Healthcare Student Resources at http://www.uhcsr.com/PennState. For more information, please contact Health Services at 1-888-224-4810. 

Information Boards, Chalk Wall and Posting Policy

Students should make a practice of checking the bulletin boards and chalk wall daily to acquaint themselves with notices about activities and procedures important to campus academics and student service information.  Anyone wishing to post information to the campus must abide by the posting policy.  Students are required to meet with the Student Life Coordinator prior to any posting on campus.  Any faculty, staff, students or guests who would like to use the chalkboard, please see the Student Life Coordinator.

Campus Environment

The Penn State New Kensington faculty, staff, and students take great pride in the campus environment. In order for everyone to enjoy a clean atmosphere we count on your individual contribution, from clearing your tables in the Café 780 to depositing trash in the proper place. Take "Penn State Pride" in the campus environment.

Computer and Software Misuse

Access to and the use of computer facilities, electronically stored data, and software shall comply with federal law, the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the rules and regulations of the University. Misuse of computers, computer facilities and software are violations of law and may be prosecuted as such. Members of the University community may also be subjected to University regulations to:

  • Intentionally and without authorization, access, alter, interfere with the operation of, damage or destroy all or part of any computer, system, computer network, computer software, computer program or computer database.
  • Intentionally or knowingly without authorization, give or publish a password, identifying code, personal identification number or other confidential information about a computer, computer system, computer network or data base.

University regulations apply to all University computers and computer equipment, computerized data and all data owned or held through agreement by the University. These regulations may also apply to computer equipment and data belonging to or held by agreement by members of the University community or others when violations are deemed to have a substantial adverse effect upon the University community or upon individual members of the University community.

Student Lockers

Lockers are available for rent, on a first-come, first-served basis, at the Business and Finance Office, for $3 per semester. We encourage sharing lockers since the number is limited.