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Penn State New Kensington awarded $75,000 sustainability grant

West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund grant will be used for sustainability practices for city of New Kensington
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We can all make a difference!


Penn State New Kensington became the first campus in the University to complete all four level's of the Sustainability Institute's Green Paws Program. Members of the Institute joined the campus to celebrate the accomplishment in Nov. 2018. 


The Penn State New Kensington Green Team works closely with the Penn State Sustainability Institute and other units at University Park to inform and involve the campus with green initiatives. The Green Team consists of campus faculty, staff, and students who are committed to reducing waste and exploring ways to use resources responsibly. We welcome new members and encourage you to contact the team chair, Ruth Herstek ([email protected]), for more information or to join our team.

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Credit: Penn State

In 2014, the PSNK Green Team was awarded $11,315 in grant funding through the "Reinvention Fund" to support educational activities-- courses, workshops, class projects – and to improve visibility and availability of our current recycling efforts, develop a composting site and expand the pollinator garden.  Read more about the Green Team and the funded activities. The Reinvention Fund is supported by Penn State Sustainability Institute. 

Currently, the PSNK Green Team is assisting with the sustainability portion of the campus strategic plan goals.  The campus has partnered with the Penn State Sustainability Institute's Green Paws Program.


Sustainability is the simultaneous pursuit of human health and happiness, environmental quality, and economic well-being for current and future generations. 

PSNK Green Team Vision:

Incorporate sustainability literacy and learning opportunities into daily life across the campus community.

PSNK Mission:

The comprehensive integration of sustainability into the University's research, teaching, outreach, and operations will prepare students, faculty, and staff to be sustainability leaders.


Composting on Campus

Penn State New Kensington composts all pre- and post-consumer waste in Café 780. The new collection station is located at the entrance near the recycling and trash stations.

Where and when can I compost?

You can bring your compost items from your lounge or office area to Café 780 any time of the day.

What can I Compost?

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Bread
  • Grains
  • Rice
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea bags
  • Brown napkins


Recycling on Campus

Penn State New Kensington contracts with Waste Management to provide “Single Stream Recycling.”  “Single stream” means that all recyclable items can be placed in the same receptacle – no sorting required!

Where can I recycle?

  • Recycling bins are placed throughout campus, in classrooms and hallways.
  • In the Cafe´, recycle near the meeting room, on the left side of the cafe´.

What can I recycle?

  • Paper (newspaper, magazines, office paper, boxes)
  • Metal (aluminum or steel cans)
  • Glass (clear, brown, green, amber bottles or jars)
  • Plastic (#'s 1-5, #7)


Hydration Stations - Bring your own bottle!

Americans purchase about 50 billion bottles of water every year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled, according to

Penn State's Green Team suggests you bring your own refillable water bottle and use the hydration stations on campus.  You can find our hydration stations in the Athletic Center, next to the Junction, and in Cafe 780.