2020 Research and Student Engagement Expo

Research and Student Engagement Expo

Virtual Research Project Presentations:

The Influence of Rosemary Essential Oil as an Olfactory Cue: A Study of Recognition Memory

by Brianna DynkaMentor: Rick Harnish

Is Artificial Intelligence Beneficial for Society?

by Padma Sairam Reddy TanuboddiMentor: Marilyn Bartolacci

Volunteer Experience at UPMC East 

by Louis Surma Mentor: Joie Marhefka 


by Courtney Schwartzmier and Ayla Peffley | Mentor: Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler


by Keirstin Sufak and Emily Hooper | Mentor: Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler

The Effects of Classical Background Music on Delayed Recall

by Ryliegh Beck Mentor: Rick Harnish

Alzheimer’s Disease

by Nicole Buhl and Emily Daugherty | Mentor: Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler

Effects of Chewing Gum on Academic Memory

by Zachary Gaskell | Mentor: Rick Harnish

Sweet, Sweet Chocolate: The Role of Culturally Familiar Brand Labels on Taste Perceptions

by Samantha Kravits | Mentor: Rick Harnish

Ransomware: A Virtual Hostage Crisis

by Logan Villella Mentor: Mike Manojlovich

Grouping Of Words And Recall In Short-term Memory

by Kylie Meyer | Mentor: Rick Harnish

*University Libraries Excellence in Information Literacy Award Winner

Imaging of Metabolic Bone Disease: A Comparison of Plain Radiographs and CT/MRI

by Bailey Frick and Kali Facemire | Mentor: Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler

Predictive Maintenance

by Michael Ott | Mentor: Dr. Haifeng Wang

A Constitutional Right to Breathe Clean Air

by John Cooke Stafford | Mentor: Dr. Carley Gwin

Zika Virus

by Madison Levy and Austin O'Hara | Mentor: Debra Majetic and Marcia Curler

The Sweet Sorter

by Joshua Boyd, SarahPeppler, Jason Schirato | Mentor: Dr. Joseph Cuiffi

Effects and Feelings Through the Works of Art

by Riplee Burkhart | Mentor: Rick Harnish 

Connecting the Dots: Integrating Problem-Based Learning for Career Efficacy in Biomedical Engineering Technology

by Dalynn Park | Mentor: Dr. Joie Marhefka and Dr. Laura Cruz

Celiac Disease: A Demonstration of the Relationship between Biology & Behavior

by Sarah Pflueger | Mentor: Dr. Carley Gwin

How Hypersonic Flight Will Revolutionize the Aviation Industry

by Dylan Rummel | Mentor: Joan Kowalski

Mindfulness and the Sunk Cost Fallacy

by Shannon Huston | Mentor: Rick Harnish 

*University Libraries Excellence in Information Literacy Award Winner

How to Find the Centroid of a 3D Object

by Samuel Ramsey and Alexanderia Polka | Mentor: Joan Kowalski

Multiple Sclerosis Heredity in Relation to Mitochondrial Disorders

by Elizabeth Schachte | Mentor: Dr. Carley Gwin

*University Libraries Excellence in Information Literacy Award Winner

The Power of Music: How Music Effects Test Anxiety and Emotion

by Cailyn Dumas | Mentor: Rick Harnish 

*University Libraries Information Literacy Awards

The University Libraries supports undergraduate research experiences by ensuring our students have the information literacy skills they need to enter a scholarly conversation and to create new knowledge. This award recognizes undergraduate research that showcases accomplished and exemplar information literacy skills. Students demonstrate these skills in a variety of ways, such as in a bibliography that captures the scholarly conversation in a field of study; in a literature review that contextualizes the student’s work within their discipline; or in the use of manuscript, archival, or other primary sources to conduct original research.