Change of Campus Students

Students have the ability to request a change of campus. The change of campus process varies slightly depending on your current assignment.

If you're a student at another Penn State campus and looking to finish your degree program at Penn State New Kensington, our advisors, faculty, and staff are ready to help make your transition a smooth one.  Students wishing to change their campus to New Kensington can contact the campus Registrar's Office for more information.

Definition and Policy

First-year undergraduate students who are admitted to the University may begin their studies at one of twenty Penn State campuses such as Penn State New Kensington. All of these campuses generally provide the basic foundation courses required for first- and second-year students, and students are expected to complete two full years of academic work at the campus to which they are originally admitted.  Students can also learn more about Penn State's 2+2 Plan.


Students generally declare their academic major at the end of their second year of enrollment during the entrance to major (ETM) process. If the student applies for a major that is not offered at the student's current location, the student will be required to select an approved location during the entrance to major process.

If the student participates in the entrance to major process, completes the requirements of the intended major and has earned more than 43.1 credits by the end of the appropriate fall semester, then a change of campus will be automatically processed. If the student has less than 43.1 credits or is not part of the ETM process, the student must file a change of campus request at the Registrar’s Office at their location. In all cases, the student is notified of the decision electronically.

Once a student's change of campus has been approved to New Kensington, students will be assigned an academic advisor