Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

As a member of Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Penn State New Kensington is able to distribute free Microsoft software with a license that never expires to IST students who are taking a STEM course and IST faculty who are teaching a STEM-related course or conducting research in a STEM-related field. A STEM course is any credit-course at Penn State New Kensington that is Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Mathematics.

How do I download software? 

Your Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription provides you with access to certain Software Developer Tools, available to download for free. You can download this software in the Education Hub.

Do I pay anything for the Azure free account?

No. Starting is free, plus you get a $200 credit to spend in the first 30 days. You won’t be charged—even if you start using services—until you choose to upgrade.

What happens after I use my $200 credit or 30 days is over?

You can upgrade to a pay-as-you-go subscription to get continued access to free products—some for the first 12 months, and others that are always free.

What happens at the end of 12 months of free products?

For 12 months after you upgrade to a pay-as-you-go subscription, certain amounts of popular products are free. After 12 months, you’ll be billed for these products at the pay-as-you-go rates.

What do I need to sign up?

A phone number, a credit or debit card, and a Microsoft Account username. We use the phone number and credit card for identity verification. We don’t charge your credit card anything, but you may see a one-dollar verification hold on your credit card account, which is removed within three to five days.

Where can I find training? 

One-stop access to additional training and learning materials can be found at Microsoft Learn.

Where can I find support?

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Support: