Poster Printer

Poster Printer

The Computer Center hosts an HPZ6200 Poster Printer for academic printing needs. The poster printer and its supplies are funded 100% by IT Fee. The average cost to the University (and IT Fee) to print a standard 24" x 36" poster is $10/poster. Posters printed with this machine must adhere to the following:

  • Academic/University use only - no personal posters can be printed
    Common Poster Sizes

    Common Poster Sizes

    Image: Penn State
  • Posters must not contain copyright infringement or watermarked images.

The IT Service Desk requires a minimum of three business days of advance notice for each poster printing job. All jobs will be printed during the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., Monday - Thursday in the Computer Center. Please plan your job submissions accordingly.

Designing your poster:

  1. Review University Park's Visual & Editorial Standards
  2. Open Microsoft Publisher
  3. Set your page size to the size you want your physical poster. If you are printing a poster for the Research and Creative Expo, most posters are landscape with dimensions of 42" x 32.5". To set your document's page size you can download one of our poster templates or you can use the Custom Page Size guide. Keep in mind you can design and print your posters in landscape or portrait layout. However, the widest paper roll our poster printer will hold is 42". Therefore you are limited to either a 42" wide poster with unlimited length or a 42" tall poster with unlimited width.
  4. Design your poster
  5. Review your poster for correct dates, typos, grammar mistakes, etc...
  6. Save your poster as a .png image, .pub Publisher, or .pdf Adobe file

Printing your poster:

Fill out the Poster Submission Form (one form submission per poster). The computer center staff will then:

  1. Review the poster
  2. Enter your job in the queue
  3. Print the poster
  4. Notify you via e-mail when the poster is ready to be picked up
  5. Users must pickup their posters in the Computer Center within 5 business days - abandoned posters will be recycled.

The New Kensington Information Technology Services department is committed to the University's sustainability mission and reducing the impact printing has on our environment. Please use digital resources whenever possible.