Leader Launch

Leader Launch

Three campus staff standing at the Leader Launch registration table

Staff eagerly await participants at the Leader Launch registration table.

Image: Penn State

Leader Launch provides student leaders from a variety of majors and recent alumni with activities on how to succeed in networking, in the job search, in their field and in the higher education classroom. With hands-on experiences, professional opportunities and high expectations, this conference will help students succeed in their future endeavors.

Students & Alumni

The Leader Launch conference is an excellent opportunity for career networking to most benefit Juniors and Seniors and recent Alumni, however any Penn State New Kensington student is welcome to attend and get started on launching his or her career.

Potential Conference Topics:

  • Real Life Expectations
  • Office Etiquette
  • Difficult Bosses
  • Ethics
  • Leadership in the Workplace
  • How to benefit from Social Media
  • Young Professionals Panel
  • Major vs. What you want
  • How to react to rejection
  • Transferable Skills

Other Conference Highlights:

  • Guest Speakers
  • Networking with Employers from your field
  • Professional Networking Dinner