id+ card and LionCash

id+ card and LionCash

Nittany Lion mascot showing its id+ card

Even the Nittany Lion mascot has an id+ card.

Image: Penn State

What is the id+ card?

The Penn State id+ card is the University's official identification card. It provides access to a variety of University resources.

What is LionCash?

By adding funds to their id+ card, students, faculty and staff can take advantage of using their id card as they would use cash!  This free and convenient University program is called LionCash. 

How can I add Lion Cash funds to an id+ card?

Students, parents and families can add Lion Cash funds to a Penn State id+ card through an online system.

Lion Cash FAQ:

How can I use LionCash on campus?

First, you must activate and add funds to your id+ account.  You can complete this simple transaction via the LionCash+ website by using a Visa, MasterCard credit or debit card.  Once you add funds to your account, you can then pay for things with LionCash.  More specifically, you can:

  • Pay for on-campus dining -- Visit our on-campus dining locations and swipe your id+ card to pay for your purchases.  You will save 10% by paying with LionCash!
  • Purchase supplemental sheets for use with on-campus printers -- Once students have used all of the 110 sheets the University provides per semester, additional printer sheets must be purchased with LionCash. 

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding on-campus printing:

  • Once you reach your 110 sheet allocation, you must buy sheets with your LionCash funds in order to print. If you don't have a positive balance in your LionCash account, you can add funds in order to purchase more sheets.
  • You can buy more sheets, manage your sheet count, return sheets for credit, and see printing history on the User Printing Management website.
  • If you had printed a job that encountered an error, you can request a printing credit online.

What can I do with an id+ card?

  • Swipe it to make purchases at on-campus dining locations (and save 10% with LionCash)
  • Purchase additional computer lab printer sheets (by adding funds to LionCash)
  • Pay for in-person purchases at the campus bookstore (with LionCash)
  • Borrow books from the library
  • Access free newspapers in the machines on campus (The New York Times, USA Today, and the Valley News Dispatch) provided by the Student Newspaper Readership Program
  • Use it as a form of photo ID during voting 
  • Make purchases at off-campus dining locations (see list of merchants in the area)
  • Link your id+ card to your PNC Bank account (if applicable)
  • Parents and families -- you can even deposit funds to your student's LionCash balance

Still have questions? 

Visit the LionCash+ website for more information.