Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish

Dr. Richard Harnish, Associate Professor of Psychology

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Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone:  724-334-6735
Email:  rjh27@psu.edu

Harnish, Richard J., Ph.D. - Michigan State University, 1992

Dr. Harnish's research interest focuses on the intersection between attitudes, consumer behavior, the self and affect (or emotion). He is particularly interested in how beliefs impact the products purchased.

Currently, Dr. Harnish is exploring various correlates of compulsive buying.  Additionally, his research is focusing on testing a model to explain various types of aberrant consumer behavior.


Selected Publications:

  • Harnish, R. J., Bridges, K. R., Nataraajan, R., Gump, J.T., & Carson, A.E. (in press).  The Impact of Money Attitudes and Global Life Satisfaction on the Maladaptive Pursuit of Consumption.  Psychology & Marketing.
  • Harnish, R. J., Bridges, K. R., & Karelitz, J.L. (2017).  Compulsive Buying: Prevalence, Irrational Beliefs and Purchasing. International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction, 15, 993-1007.
  • Harnish, R. J., Bridges, K.R. (2016). Mall Haul Videos: Self-presentational Motives and the Role of Self-monitoring.  Psychology & Marketing, 33, 113-124.
  • Harnish, R.J., & Bridges, K.R. (2015). Compulsive Buying: The Role of Irrational Beliefs, Materialism, and Narcissism.  Journal of Rational-Emotive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 33, 1-16.


Dr. Harnish's website:  http://sites.psu.edu/rjh27