Office of Development

Office of Development

Greetings Alumni and Friends:

Penn State New Kensington, located in the Alle-Kiski Valley, 20 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, is one of the 24 campuses of Penn State. Our success of the last 55 years is attributed to supporters who generously share their resources because they believe in Penn State and the accomplishments of the New Kensington campus.

This support makes it possible for Penn State New Kensington to transform lives. Without our donors, we would only reach a fraction of the students.

Because of donors, our University represents a different opportunity for each and every student who steps onto our campus. While each student has different backgrounds, experiences and goals, they all share a commonality -- they are inspirational students with a desire to better their lives and the community around them. But, look a little closer and dig a little deeper. Our students may not have been able to pursue their dreams had it not been for our donors. These students are at Penn State New Kensington -- and are here today because of this generosity.

I ask you to think about where you would be without a little bit of help along the way, whether financial assistant from a parent, friend, or stranger. I encourage you to continue to pay it forward.

The need is not a world away, it is right in our community. The need is here at this campus. And the need is great. Thank you, alumni and friends, for meeting the needs in the past and thank you, in advance, for the continued need I know you will meet.

Students tell us every day how Penn State New Kensington opened the door to their future, perhaps despite facing seemingly insurmountable challenges. To a student, a degree means higher earning potential and more job options. To the community, every degree awarded means a more skilled workforce and lower unemployment. Working hand-in-hand with individuals, organizations, and businesses is the only way Penn State New Kensington can continue to transform the lives of our students and the future of our community.

Pay it Forward. We Are…Penn State


Kary Coleman
Director of Development and Alumni Relations